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Delarom Natural Protect Anti-Redness Cream


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This Delarom Natural Redness Cream helps deep redness of the face.

Tambourissa extract combined with beetroot.. this active formula will act at the very heart of the skin to treat the redness at its origin. and make them disappear little by little durably. Reduces inflammation and boosts microcirculation.

Light, non-greasy formula makes the skin soft and penetrates quickly.

The allergen-free formula combines nature with cutting-edge ingredients.
The lightweight silky texture quickly dissolves to comfort skin.
Formulated with Tambourissa Extract & Beetroot Extract.
Works through the deep layers of skin to treat redness at its origin.
Quickly calms & relieves redness.
Reduces the synthesis of mediators of inflammation & promotes microcirculation.
Perfect for normal to sensitive skin.


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