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Delarom Natural Enzyme Peel Sheet Mask


Natural Moisturising Mask with papaya enzymes

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Our gentle enzymatic and moisturising peel combined with natural biocel-lulose will deeply cleanse and rejuvenate your skin in a single gesture. Natural bio-cellulose silk is a fabric that adheres perfectly to the skin, ensuring tolerance and optimising the effectiveness of its active ingredients. The combination of Papaya enzymes rich in glycolic acid, fruit sugars & orange blossom boosts a moisturising peeling power that gently removes dead cells along with the impurities that build up every day, leaving the skin hydrated and radiant.
Key Benefits
Eliminates dead cells
leaves a fresh complexion
restores radiance 
Key Ingredients
Papaya Enzymes  – restores radiance, promotes cell renewal 
Fruit Sugars –  penetrates the skin, peeling effect, anti ageing 
Orange Blossom Water – Soothing & anti inflammatory 
Glycerin – Hydrating 


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