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Sarah Carolides Nutrition talks Delarom Skincare

Sarah Carolides Nutrition talks Delarom Skincare


Words by Sarah Carolides

DELAROM Natural Skincare Pure Freshness Toner Ingredients

Cucumber Extract

People often dismiss cucumbers as just a watery salad vegetable without much taste. But the truth is that cucumbers contain an array of amazing nutrients that are great for skin health, bone health, and even helping to prevent certain cancers. Cucumber juice has been used for many centuries topically to help relieve burns, especially sunburn, and drinking the juice can help combat acne and other inflamed skin problems. They may be 95% water, but they’re actually great to help relieve water retention, especially when you include the skin. Making a tea of the skin alone can help relieve swelling in the hands and feet. From the inside and out, cucumbers will help fill your cells with water, flush out toxins, reduce inflammation and help your skin look youthful and plump instead of swollen.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another ingredient that is as helpful to the skin outside as it is inside. Used in Chinese medicine for centuries for its yin supporting properties, it is rejuvenating and detoxifying, especially supporting the liver, digestive tract and female reproductive system. Aloe gel has amazing anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, and the cooling nature of the gel will help counteract any inflammation, especially in the gut. 

Both these ingredients together are perfect to cool the skin, reduce redness and any inflammation, especially during the hot weather.  Treating yourself to a freshly made juice containing cucumber and aloe would refresh and cool your cells from the inside in the same way!


Green Tea Extract (Caffeine)

We all know of caffeine as a stimulant, but it is also warming, diuretic and can be a purgative.

If you’ve been eating a heavy, rich diet, caffeine can help stimulate the user out of feeling sluggish from toxic overload. How we respond to caffeine depends a lot on our genetics. Some people have a genetic variation that allows them to metabolise caffeine quickly; others with a different variation take a lot longer to feel the effects of a cup of coffee disappear. If you are a slow metaboliser, you should try to limit your consumption of coffee to just 1 or 2 cups a day. Fast metabolisers can have a bit more, and may even gain health benefits from drinking 3 or 4 cups a day. 

Horse Chestnut Extract

The active ingredient in horse chestnut extract is called aescin, which is often used as a supplement by natural health practitioners to help reduce inflammation and improve blood flow especially to the legs, helping in cases of varicose veins or swollen legs and ankles.


One of the most nutritious fruits of all, the avocado is a source of protein and easily digestible good fats. Prized all over the world for beautifying the skin either when you eat it, or use it topically. Avocados are a natural source of lecithin, a brain food and rich in copper which is needed to form red blood cells. One of the original super foods!

Macadamia Oil

Macadamia oil is a fabulous source of natural antioxidants, that can help moisturise skin and condition hair as well as lower cholesterol and improve heart health. Although not commonly used in cooking, it has a higher smoke point than olive oil and can safely be used for roasting, grilling or stir frying. It is rich in both oleic acid and vitamin E, both of which can help tone the skin from the inside and protect against damaging and ageing free-radicals.

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