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Anti-Ageing Skincare Guide

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14 Tips To Anti-Ageing

Just because ageing is a part of life doesn’t mean you have to look your age. As well as maintaining a balanced, health diet, keeping active and hydrated, a consistent skincare routine designed specifically for your skin type will help your skin look younger. Here are our top tips for anti-ageing skincare.

Tip 1

Choose your products wisely. Just because someone you know has recommended you something that worked magic on them, doesn’t mean it will do the same for you. We all have different skin therefore we all need different products. Look for skincare which is designed for your skin type. For example, jojoba oil is a great ingredient to look out for if you have acne or wrinkle prone skin because it regulates sebum production. Research what your skin needs or visit a skincare professional for advice on what you need to look for within your skincare products.


Tip 2

Wear SPF daily, no matter what the weather is like. You should be using an SPF of at least 30 to keep your skin healthy. It has been reported by the World Health Organization that “chronic overexposure to the sun can change the texture and weaken the elasticity of the skin. Sun induced skin damage causes premature wrinkling, sags and bags, and easy bruising. Up to 90% of the visible changes commonly attributed to ageing may be caused by sun exposure.”


Tip 3

Exfoliate between 1-2 times a week. Your skin will shed dead skin cells less regularly than when you were younger which can lead to dull-looking complexions and rough patches on the skin. Exfoliating can help this.


Tip 4

Know how to layer your products. Your skincare routine should involve cleansing, perhaps even a double cleanse, followed by toner to help balance the pH of your skin. You should then apply your serum, eye cream and moisturiser, finishing with your SPF.


Tip 5

Don’t forget to moisturise your neck. People often forget to apply skincare products to their necks as well as their faces. The skin on your neck is still a sensitive area, so it is better suited to skincare products than bodycare.


Tip 6

Never use expired cosmetics. Skincare products will have the period of time a product can be used after opening on a small jar icon (see below). This means that active ingredients could have expired, and SPF could no longer be effective. Remember to keep track of these dates so that you don’t accidentally use expired products.

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Tip 7

Don’t change your skincare routine up too often. Sticking to the same routine will help your skin to get used to these formulas and your skin will thank you in the long run! Changing skincare too often can cause breakouts.


Tip 8

Remember that you won’t always have the same skin type. You may have had oily skin when you were younger, but your skin changes as you age. You might even start to experience adult acne, even if you’ve never been prone to breakouts before!


Tip 9

New York dermatologist Joshua Zeichner suggests that in your 50s you should “follow your instinct to upgrade to richer products and consider layering multiple hydrators”.


Tip 10

Don’t be afraid of facials. Visiting a medispa, we suggest Beyond Medispa (Harvey Nichols) can mean facials altered specifically for your skin issues. Beyond Medispa also have a skin lab, allowing them to view your skin even closer and advise you on which products are right for you.

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Tip 11

Use a moisturiser followed by a primer to create a smooth base for your make up. Applying make up without a primer is likely to highlight signs of ageing rather than hide them!


Tip 12

LED treatments can improve appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Light therapy is used to stimulate collagen response and improve pigmentation. Different treatment programmes are used to work on different skin types and concerns. Book an LED facial here.


Tip 13

Never go to sleep without removing your make up fully. Clogged pores can stretch and become signs of ageing.


Tip 14

Remember to invest in bodycare products as well as facial skincare. The rest of your skin will show signs of ageing too!